Mad Hippo, Murchison Falls National Park

About Us

Born in the north-eastern corner of South Africa, just outside the Kruger National Park, Anton du Toit has visited more than twenty countries, during extensive travels in Africa, South America, Australia and Europe. His training is in hospitality (with secret tendencies towards computer geekhood!) but his passion has always lain in photography. Anton believes that travel should be by road and it is on the world’s roadsides that he takes his best shots, be it jay-walking in a vibrant city like Mombasa or Buenos Aires, thronging in a Mozambiquan market, clambering high up on Kilimanjaro or meandering along a track through the African bushveld.

It was on a 20 000-kilometre road trip in 2006 through southern, central and eastern Africa, that Anton first met his wife Katie and they now live in Uganda, where they find ample opportunity to hone their photographic skills.